Positioning Statement

Damien F Brennan provides educational leadership primarily for Education and Not-For-Profit organisations by assisting with leadership and staff development, organisational reviews, strategic planning, facilitation and targeted workshops - through creative, objective and realistic solutions, validated by his reputation and over 25 years’ senior leadership experience in the Catholic education sector.


Value Proposition

Educational leadership through creative, objective and realistic solutions.


Current Information 

Latest Testimonial

"Damien was most collaborative in listening to the needs of our context and tailoring a structured, yet flexible process. He was most professional and personable in facilitating a planning process for our College Leadership Team that encapsulates our mission, vision and priorities."

Chris Ryan, Acting College Dean, St Joseph's Gregory Terrace (4 February 2015)

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The March 2015 E-News Blog  "Being a voice for the Voiceless" was published on 4 March

See my leadership book: Into the Deep: Developing Reflective and Purposeful Leaders. Great feedback on the Discernment Framework on P9 and the 22 reflective exercises