I invite you to join those who use my services of:-

  • Facilitation that achieves collaborative and realistic outcomes
  • Effective strategic planning and implementation processes
  • Leading independent external reviews
  • Coordinating and leading developmental performance appraisals of senior staff
  • Coaching, mentoring, staff & board formation
  • Unpacking a deeper, reflective and contemporary spiritual dimension to life


My Orientation

Your learning...my business

I focus upon you and your team(s), your collective learning(s) and what you will all do better as a result of us working together.

I work from an educative and development approach. I will respect your culture and will lead you further. 

I am efficient with my time and I work hard to create wise & effective solutions.


Current Information 

The next E-News will be available mid October - stay tuned.

See my leadership book: Into the Deep: Developing Reflective and Purposeful Leaders.